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This function is to ensure that we provide an effective and safe platform for our members. We want you to leave reviews, manage your account and to explore all that we have to offer with as much ease as possible.

We hope you’ll be entirely happy with your experience on and so we have enabled this feature to allow you to tell us if this is not the case.

If for any reason you see a review or staff member that looks to be breaching our Terms & Conditions, is perhaps not a positive review as it should be, or you suspect untoward activity with that account, we welcome you to let us know.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to raise a concern, you can do so by clicking on the blue text next to every review and labelled next to all members of staff. You can click on that link which will direct you to a ‘Contact Form.’ Please give us as much detail about your concern as possible.

Details that help with our investigations include

  • Reviewer Name

  • Staff Name

  • Company Name

  • Date of Review

  • Reason for Concern

We will endeavour to deal with your report within 48 hours. Please include your contact details just incase we need further information to help us with our investigation.

Alternatively, you can email us with any concerns you have at

We hope you do not need to use this function but please be confident that we have your best interests at heart, just incase.

Staff Spotlight Team

Last Edited – July 2015