The main focus of Staff Spotlight is to provide you with a platform to give a positive review to members of staff at all levels from all industries but we also want you to enjoy it too. We all visit a store, a restaurant or make a call to a customer service team on a regular basis. It is so refreshing when you get the service you deserve and it’s provided with a smile.

Just like we don’t always get the service we want, fantastic staff can go un-noticed and don’t get the thank you they deserve for their hard work, dedication to their role and their effort to go above and beyond for customers. It is sometimes the simple things that makes a customers experience and now we can reward these staff and share some gratitude.




By leaving a review, the staff get a rating, their boss gets notified and you both earn points. Both your points and theirs can be exchanged for rewards. Rewards range from event tickets, money off your favourite visited places, free dinners and our exclusive gifts. Not to mention, our top reviewers may be invited to our award ceremonies and be in with the chance to win luxury holidays! 

    • You can easily recommend your favourite businesses and staff with your friends
    • You can review people on the move, on our free smart phone app
    • You can make bookings, reservations or appointments through the app and web
    • You will help mould the future of customer service
    • You will receive exclusive promotions, discounts and offers through the site
    • You will assist in getting your favourite staff the promotion/recognition they deserve
    • View/Follow your favourite staff and users
    • Send a message direct to management
    • A new mapping function to monitor your recent visits – coming soon
    • Share your experiences directly on your Facebook and Twitter pages


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